• Organic extra virgin...

    The third best extra virgin olives oil at "L'oro delle Marche" in 2012!

    4 Golden Drops at "L'Oro d'Italia" 2013! Slow Food Oil 2013!

    Cold extraction

    Exclusively from our organic olives, harvested at the right degree of ripeness in the municipality of Massignano AP in the Marche region, we obtain these extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality. Different types are available, from the multivarietal to the monovarietal of Carboncella Leccino and Nebbia del Menocchia, ending with the TOP of the range: the San Pietro blend.  The bottles are shipped in special approved boxes to avoid breakages and transport disputes.
  • Legumes and Cereals

    Legumes and cereals grown, selected and packaged exclusively at La Casetta. They are certified organic farming and available in various packs.

  • Hot peppers chillies

    Sale of whole, minced or minced fresh and dried organic chillies hot peppers.

     These chillies, with organic certification, are produced exclusively in La Casetta starting from selected chilli seeds.  There are many cultivated varieties among which hot peppers stand out: Smokin ed Carolina reaper , Trinidad Moruga Scorpion , Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor , Bhut Jolokia , Dorset Naga , Hot Lemon , Pasilla Bajio , Cayenne, Habanero, Goat's weed .
     Organic hot peppers with world record for hotness!
     Wide assortment of hot peppers for sale online!

     We were the first Italian company to produce selected varieties of chilli peppers with organic certification
     Organic since 2000!

  • Spicy and pickled sauces

    Best italian organic hot sauces!

    The sauces are made exclusively with fresh chillies from La Casetta's crops. They are also made with the hottest peppers in the world to reach extreme, unbearable levels of spiciness.

    The pickles are produced with 100% organic extra virgin olive oil from the company.

  • Spicy oils

    Italian organic hot olive oil

    These organic spicy oils, also called "holy" oil, are made in cold infusion to maintain the organoleptic characteristics of the organic oil and organic chilli. They are produced with a single variety of chillies such as: Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor, Bhut Jolokia, Hot Lemon and Cayenne.

  • Flours

    Organic soft wheat flours obtained with a high protein variety of organic soft wheat for making bread, pizza and naturally leavened sourdough.

    Organic chickpea flour is wholemeal to better appreciate its excellent quality for porridges and panelle.

  • Fruit and vegetables

    We grow our tomatoes with organic certification, ours because they are of a variety created and selected in La Casetta: the Tonidoro. Immediately after harvesting they are washed and dried without sun, without salt and without the use of preservatives ... dry and that's it!

    Even the fruit, rigorously grown in organic farming, is dried without the sun, without added sugars, preservatives and sulphites. Just dry! Drying without the sun and therefore without exposure of the open food to external polluting agents is synonymous with high quality and wholesome food.

  • Organic italian Pasta

    Turkish Saragolla Organic Italian Pasta.

    This pasta, produced by a company that is a friend of La Casetta Bio just a few kilometers away, is made with durum wheat flour of the Turkish Saragolla variety. Turkish Saragolla should not be confused with simple Saragolla because they are two completely different grains. The simple Saragolla (a commercial hybrid) has a much higher yield and very different physical and organoleptic characteristics, just think that when ripe it reaches a height of about 80 cm. The Turkish Saragolla (the real and ancient Saragolla) has a different flavour, as proof of the different organoleptic characteristics, and reaches 180 cm. tall with evident lodging problems and low production. Turkish Saragolla is a truly ancient variety of wheat, introduced in Abruzzo in 400 AD, it is an excellent balanced source of carbohydrates and proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals such as selenium, magnesium, zinc. Saragolla Turchesco wheat, not being a hybridized wheat, has a "simpler" protein structure which makes pasta more digestible than the modern durum wheat used by the food industry. The strong point of this whole wheat pasta from Saragolla Turchesco is its flavour; once you taste it you will never go back!

  • Seeds hot peppers and...

    Seeds hot peppers and vegetables

    They are the same seeds, self-produced, that we use to give birth to our plants.  So they are chilli pepper seeds obtained exclusively in La Casetta from selected and isolated plants.
     The following varieties are currently selected: Smokin Ed's Carolina reaper , Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor , Bhut Jolokia , Trinidad Moruga Scorpion , Cayenna , Golden Cayenne , Dorset Naga , Hot Lemon , Pasilla Bajio .

    We do not buy seeds to then resell them;  we produce them in our company!
     They are seeds for hobby use and therefore not for professional use.
     IMPORTANT, if you are inexperienced read this free guide first >>>> Guide to sowing and growing chillies

  • Gift ideas

    Gift boxes are also available in the La Casetta Bio online store, including the online modular basket that you will receive at home already packaged or that you can send directly to the recipient. Particular and nice gadgets are also on sale to make many aficionados of chilli pepper and extra virgin olive oil happy, in addition to the classic and useful shopping vouchers which are gifts that are certainly appreciated by all.

  • Vegetable seedlings

    The plants or seedlings are obtained at La Casetta from pure self-reproduced seed. The hot pepper varieties available are Carolina reaper, Bhut Jolokia , Dorset Naga , Hot Lemon , Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor , Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. They are for sale online to buy and buy. Shipping throughout Italy by express courier. For detailed information on cultivation, we recommend that you also purchase our book "The wonderful world of hot peppers". What to do when the package with the seedlings arrives at your home?  Immediately open the package and gently unwrap the seedlings. The plants come from greenhouse cultivation where the temperature and humidity level could be very different from your environment. Excessive changes in temperature and humidity could cause the leaves to dry out and fall. Partially shade the first few days and/or treat with pinolene or transpiration regulators. IMPORTANT, read this free guide where you will also find information on sowing and growing >>> Guide to sowing and growing chillies ATTENTION: You can order at any time but orders with this item will be prepared and shipped on Monday and Tuesday. In addition, the shipment will be postponed if there are public holidays during the week. It is the buyer's COMMITMENT to constantly monitor the package via tracking, which will be communicated to the shipment, and to be found at home on the day of delivery. AVOID useless stops, they are live plants! > The goods travel on behalf of the buyer who chooses which type of shipment to adopt. <

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  • Olive

    Italian green Ascolana tenera olives

    Olives grown on the La Casetta farm, harvested and immediately processed to preserve taste and aromas. The olives of the Ascolana tenera variety are produced with the classic method, while the iridescent and black ones are produced through natural fermentation, without chemical products, and therefore have organic certification.

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