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The plants or seedlings are obtained at La Casetta from pure self-reproduced seed. The hot pepper varieties available are Carolina reaper, Bhut Jolokia , Dorset Naga , Hot Lemon , Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor , Trinidad Moruga Scorpion. They are for sale online to buy and buy. Shipping throughout Italy by express courier. For detailed information on cultivation, we recommend that you also purchase our book "The wonderful world of hot peppers". What to do when the package with the seedlings arrives at your home?  Immediately open the package and gently unwrap the seedlings. The plants come from greenhouse cultivation where the temperature and humidity level could be very different from your environment. Excessive changes in temperature and humidity could cause the leaves to dry out and fall. Partially shade the first few days and/or treat with pinolene or transpiration regulators. IMPORTANT, read this free guide where you will also find information on sowing and growing >>> Guide to sowing and growing chillies ATTENTION: You can order at any time but orders with this item will be prepared and shipped on Monday and Tuesday. In addition, the shipment will be postponed if there are public holidays during the week. It is the buyer's COMMITMENT to constantly monitor the package via tracking, which will be communicated to the shipment, and to be found at home on the day of delivery. AVOID useless stops, they are live plants! > The goods travel on behalf of the buyer who chooses which type of shipment to adopt. <

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