Shipping fees:

Shipping costs vary according to the total weight of the goods, the courier chosen and the delivery area.  The various options will be displayed and made available for selection during check-out (final order definition procedure).  To view the minimum amount of transport you will not have to provide your personal data.
 By way of example only, with the cheapest shipment, the costs start from € 5.90.
 The goods will be shipped after the effective receipt of the payment, by courier and always with an online tracking code.

Delivery of goods:

The goods travel on behalf of the customer/purchaser, pursuant to art. 1510 of the Italian Civil Code, even in the specific case of free shipping which is in any case paid for by the buyer and the title "free" is to be understood as a discount on the products purchased.  To this end, the La Casetta farm gives the option of choosing between various couriers and various types of shipment.

When the buyer concludes the order and proceeds to payment, the buyer unconditionally accepts to entrust the shipment to the courier chosen by him personally, also implicitly accepting the courier's own conditions.  For all that concerns transport, any responsibility for damage or delay in delivery is attributable only to the Courier.  The buyer, having also had the possibility to choose the type of shipment and the courier, excludes the La Casetta farm from any type of request for compensation in any capacity or entity due to transport.

Except in the case in which an insured shipment has been chosen, the art.  10 of the legislative decree of 21.11.2005 n.  286, provides for a refund, by the courier, equal to € 1.00.- for each kilogram of weight of the lost or damaged goods.
 The courier is not required to telephone before delivery.  The recipient is instead required to monitor his package online on the courier's website and to organize himself to receive the delivery.
 At the time of shipment, the identification code of the package will be provided by e-mail for its traceability.

Delivery time

The preparation of the package, and therefore the forwarding of the request to the courier for its collection, will be carried out by La Casetta within a maximum of 3 working days (therefore excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) from the actual receipt of the payment.  Usually the courier will collect the goods within 2 working days.  
 Except in the case of shipment with guaranteed delivery, the courier delivery times displayed during check-out are approximate and NOT BINDING.

 Upon delivery:

Upon delivery of the ordered goods, the buyer is required to check the integrity of the package, check the appropriate seal with the La Casetta brand which is incorporated in the transparent closing tape and check that there are no leaks of liquids .
 In the case of damaged, dented, reconditioned packages with unsealed tapes or, in any case, any eventuality that suggests damage to the goods due to transport, the buyer is required to sign the receipt of the goods only with the wording "subject to" describing also what are the damages found.  Furthermore, he must have a copy of this receipt delivered, countersigned by the delivery person.
 Subsequently, the buyer will have to take photographs, before opening the packages and also during the opening phases.  Finally, you will have to keep the packaging until the refund operations are completed.
 In the absence of the above, it will not be possible to proceed with the request for the foreseen refund.