Organic italian Pasta

Turkish Saragolla Organic Italian Pasta.

This pasta, produced by a company that is a friend of La Casetta Bio just a few kilometers away, is made with durum wheat flour of the Turkish Saragolla variety. Turkish Saragolla should not be confused with simple Saragolla because they are two completely different grains. The simple Saragolla (a commercial hybrid) has a much higher yield and very different physical and organoleptic characteristics, just think that when ripe it reaches a height of about 80 cm. The Turkish Saragolla (the real and ancient Saragolla) has a different flavour, as proof of the different organoleptic characteristics, and reaches 180 cm. tall with evident lodging problems and low production. Turkish Saragolla is a truly ancient variety of wheat, introduced in Abruzzo in 400 AD, it is an excellent balanced source of carbohydrates and proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals such as selenium, magnesium, zinc. Saragolla Turchesco wheat, not being a hybridized wheat, has a "simpler" protein structure which makes pasta more digestible than the modern durum wheat used by the food industry. The strong point of this whole wheat pasta from Saragolla Turchesco is its flavour; once you taste it you will never go back!

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